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Jesus the Mother Hen

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn’t let me. Luke 13: 34

As a single parent, these words of Jesus echo in my head. I wanted so much to protect my children from the stigma of poverty, of not having a father living at home. I wanted to protect them from feeling rejected or feeling less than anyone else – feelings I oftenn experienced as a child. So I felt I was like a mother hen, protecting my brood.

I can remember when daughter #3 had chickens for a time with her prize specimen being a rooster named Keiren ( yes, after the swimmer). Looking out of the kitchen window one day I saw Keiren’s progeny with their mother hen running around our backyard. When something startled the hen, she clucked and her babies came running and snuggled under her. She fluffed her feathers and tucked her beak down…a formidable barrier!

When I feel close to God, I feel like those little chicks. Warm, loved and protected. My God is like a formidable barrier and nothing can take me away from his love and protection. Sometimes I feel very small – like a chick, especially when I am feeling vunerable…I’m so pleased I said Yes to Jesus all those years ago and can run to him and feel safe and strong, to venture out and grow more.



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