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Easter Dawn

I love the fact that women are the discoverers of the Resurrected Jesus.  The women were doing something about their grief and loss: they were going to the place where Jesus lay to tidy him up; to anoint his body. They were doing their caring role and in the doing, they were processing their grief.  What about our grief?  What do we do about it?  People often look for closure, but I doubt that we ever achieve that elusive state over a death.  What we can do is find things to do that help us process our grief: tend a grave, shed a tear, sort through photos, write remembrances, plant a tree, bush, flower bed for our loved one….and in the doing, we often discover our loved one is still with us in spirit, in love. Maybe not in person as Jesus was, but in the promise that Jesus made….that where I am, you may be also.



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