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New Beginnings



It is Pentecost Sunday – the day when the Holy Spirit blew in on tongues of fire and transforCummins logo jpegmed the lives of some pretty ordinary people, in a room in Jerusalem.  These people went out telling Good News and the Christian Church was born.

Today at Cummins, we are on a New Beginning….we are starting a new congregation, by planting a new leadership team into a dwindling, aged congregation.

Not any new leadership though.  A vision was given by some elders, prayed through my myself as the minister and then preached to a larger church.  The vision touched a couple, with a young family.  God has already given them a heart for the dwindling aged congregation.  They offered to begin something new.  Four people have prayed together for  6 months most weeks and today, we offer all we believe we have received in prayer back to God for the work of the Holy Spirit among those God is calling to be part of the Uniting Church here in rural Cummins, South Australia.  Everything we can do is ready.



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